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An employers 'how to' for hiring top art & design school students and grads

by jon 24. January 2010 23:09

Most of the tech savvy art and design school grads now leave school with their own website.  While this is a great benefit to employers, it still takes time to go through resumes, find the links, visit each website, save favorites, find contact information, etc.  With the current online landscape cluttered with a multitude of art and design grad websites, the best way to sift through to find the best talent is to use a site like that allows the employer to search thousands of portfolios in one location. 

Employers who register on the site get free access to a robust, searchable database of portfolios from art and design graduates and pending graduates.  Portfolios can be searched by area of study, graduate name, program, and then filtered down even farther to pull only the portfolios that have demo reels or resumes.  A huge benefit to employers is the fact that each portfolio gives the perfect snapshot of the graduates' talent.  Each portfolio shows up to 30 images, an audio or video reel, an artists' bio, skills, software aptitudes, and a downloadable resume.  If an employer is short on time, they can easily save a portfolio to their favorites and then come back later to review their "picks". 

What's really beneficial to employers is quick and easy interaction with the graduates or the schools' Career Services department.  When viewing a portfolio, the employer has a one-touch button that allows them to ask a student a question, contact Career Services or even post a job to the graduates.  Employers can even RSVP with to Portfolio Review events with a simple click.

Using OurStudentPortfolios is the ultimate one-stop shop for employers to source the most qualified graduates in art, design, fashion, media or even culinary fields of study. 



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