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My name is Kevin Odulio and my portfolio is from the 3D Modeling Animation Art & Design program at the Visual College of Art and Design, located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Kevin Odulio


3D Modeling Animation Art & Design


Visual College of Art and Design

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Title:  Guitar shot 2
About Me:

My name is Kevin Odulio. Welcome to my online portfolio page and resume.

I created my portfolio so that prospective employers could learn more about the skills I have learned while enrolled in the 3D Modeling Animation Art & Design program at the Visual College of Art and Design.

I am a recent graduate from VCAD who is currently seeking employment as a junior/entry-level position. I am always excited to bring creative ideas into 3D and dedicate myself to a project. My field of expertise is hard surface and environment modeling in Maya, both high and low poly. I am also comfortable in texturing using photoshop, lighting, and detailing models in Zbrush for the creation of normal maps. You can also view my demo reel at
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