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About Me:

My name is  and I am from the Digital Filmmaking & Video Production program at . To request my school's program info kit click here.

As a recent graduate of the Digital Filmmaking & Video Production program at The Art Institute of California-San Francisco, I've had the pleasure of learning and creating on a multitude of digital production and post-production processes including AVID, Final Cut Studio, Adobe Suite, and ProTools on both Mac OSX and PC operating systems. I have extensive experience using HD and DV media, creating narratives, documentaries, PSA's, commercials, and experimental shorts as a writer/director, producer, editor, and in number of supporting roles. In 2009 I was given the opportunity to work as an Assistant Editor on a feature-length documentary entitled "By the Power Vested in Me" (in progress), an exploration into the California Supreme Court case on gay marriage. When I was brought on, the project had been in production for a number of years, and had upwards of 180 hours of footage that had been recorded on multiple formats including miniDV, HDV, and HD media, which I captured, digitized, and logged. More recently, I worked with Capacitor to produce a 3-day, 60-minute, multi-camera live dance performance, which I then edited, color-corrected, and compressed to DVD. Pleased with the product, Capacitor recommended me to the director of Cari's Tiny Circus where I produced a 50-minute, 2-day, multi-camera live dance performance, which I edited, color-corrected, and compressed to DVD in 72-hours. As I continue to develop professionally in the film industry, I look forward to honing my craft as a digital filmmaker through continued practice in the post-production process. For additional information please visit www.taliadevault.com, or email me at taliadevault@gmail.com.
Skills & Knowledge:

HDV/DV Media, Web Design, HTML and CSS, Scan/Copy/Fax/Print Technology, Professional Correspondance, Organization, Scheduling, Media Management, Editing, Art Direction, Leadership
Software Aptitudes:

Final Cut Studio, Adobe Suite CS4, AVID Media Composer 4, ProTools 8, Cinema4D v11, Final Draft 8, Microsoft Office Suite, Mac OSX and PC, AutoCAD r14 and 2000, American Contractor
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