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Title:  Pinhole #1
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About Me:

My name is  and I am from the Photography program at . To request my school's program info kit click here.

"I am not this body. But I am. Aching and full of longing. Take a picture of this meat, this husk. You don't have me. I am something that cannot be photographed, cannot be named, defined, translated. There's experience and that's all there is." -Barbara Ess I evoke remembrances of things that may not have been important when they occurred, but resonate within the soul over time. There is artistry, creativity, living and dreaming in what my eyes perceive. I offer memories of the Every Woman, seemingly lost to the years but still within the grasp of recollection. This experience of being a mother, daughter, and of being a woman demands I create for those who have little or no means of expression, and few tangible memories. I am my art; heart and soul represented by a series of photographs. They speak of me like a child's very existence speaks of her mother. www.lordfreadphoto.com
Skills & Knowledge:

FIne Art Photography, Corporate Photography, Medium Format Cameras, Excellent written and verbal communication, Works well in a team environment or independently
Software Aptitudes:

Adobe Photoshop, FInal Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office
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